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Meet the V36 Execute Award Honorees

Meet the alumni from past 36|86 pitch competitions that have seen the most significant growth over the last six years!

Companies who competed in a pitch competition at LaunchTN’s annual entrepreneurship festival over the previous six years were invited to apply for the Execute Award. Applicants were interviewed by Cherry Bekaert who analyzed numbers and selected the six fastest growing companies that we will honor at 36|86. Check out their story and be sure to track their team members down at 36|86!

Bellhops (Chattanooga, TN)

Having moved over 150,000 households over the past few years, Bellhops is now the fastest growing moving company in the U.S. on a crusade to transform the $18 billion industry into a space that’s honest, reliable, and, most notable to their brand, fun. Their first-to-industry model is powered by proprietary technology that monitors workforce performance at scale, enables smart job-matching, and ultimately decouples labor from trucking to unlock hyper-growth without the need for capital expense like buying trucks or opening brick-and-mortar offices.

Bellhops focuses the best possible people on the right jobs: Professional carriers handle their trucking & transportation, while their unique movers (called Bellhops) focus exclusively on delivering extraordinary customer experiences on par with some of the best service companies in the world.

Ambition (Chattanooga, TN)

Ambition is the leading sales management and motivation software platform.


GROUNDFLOOR is the first and only real estate lending marketplace open to non-accredited investors. Before GROUNDFLOOR, only accredited investors had access to the diversification, risk-adjusted returns & control available via private market investments. GROUNDFLOOR opens the door to short-term, high-yield returns backed by real estate. They bring together individual investors looking for short-term lending investments and borrowers looking for short-term financing for their specific real estate projects. The borrowers get access to more flexible, faster and cheaper capital than a traditional bank or a hard-money lender. Investors get access to short-term, high-yield investments offering returns that average over 10%.

GROUNDFLOOR earned a historic qualification by the SEC in August 2015 to sell private real estate debt investments to non-accredited investors. Since then, thousands of individual investors have built their own portfolios of loans ranging in yield from 5% to 23%, on terms of 6 to 12 months, starting at a minimum investment of $10 per loan. In 2018 GROUNDFLOOR earned a historic qualification under Tier II of Regulation A to launch its product nationwide.

Signal Vine (Alexandria, VA)

Signal Vine provides an effective two-way, intelligent text messaging platform that higher education leaders use to meet enrollment goals, improve retention, and increase engagement with students. Using existing data, Signal Vine ensures the right text reaches the right student at the right time.

Branch Technology (Chattanooga, TN)

Branch Technology brings unprecedented design freedom and resource stewardship to the construction industry. We do this by pre-fabricating 3D printed walls and architectural components in an efficient factory environment, filling and finishing with typical construction materials, and then shipping to a job site to be assembled. We make design freedom attainable with improved materials strength, increased energy efficiency, and lower construction and labor costs.

Branch has evolved from an idea to a global leader in large-scale 3D printing, having produced the world’s largest 3D printed pavilions in 2016. They have received awards ranging from NASA, Inc, Dezeen, and the publishers of Architect Magazine to the State of Tennessee where they are located. They are working with the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and corporate partnerships to further develop the technology to produce load bearing composite walls used for homes and commercial facades.

Skuid (Chattanooga, TN)

Skuid was founded in 2013 on the simple belief that enterprise software should stop forcing people to behave like machines. Instead, apps should behave more like the humans who use them, so everyone can thrive in the digital world. With Skuid’s simple-to-use but incredibly robust cloud front-end design-and-deploy platform, anyone can connect to disparate data sources, assemble highly complex, made-to-order applications, and instantly make changes—all without writing code. More than 5 million users across 32 countries use Skuid to engage with each other, with data, and with new customers in meaningful ways. For more information, visit www.skuid.com.

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