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Backstage at 36|86: David Cummings

If you’re an entrepreneur, David Cummings is definitely on your team.

He is the founder of Atlanta Ventures, an investment group that helps entrepreneurs succeed through education, resources and capital – but that’s not all he does to back founders. David is also cofounder of Atlanta Tech Village, a 103,000 square-foot entrepreneur center, and he’s a known software as a service (SaaS) trailblazer, after cofounding Pardot and exiting to ExactTarget.

As a serial entrepreneur, David knows what founders need to build their businesses, and at 36|86 Entrepreneurship Festival, he’ll help you get to the next level.

The description ‘serial entrepreneur’ is far from an understatement. When David was in eighth grade, he taught himself how to code computer applications,  then built a software to check his math homework. The next year, he built and sold his first software – a flashcard-style online study tool – taking his first leap into entrepreneurship. Soon after, he launched his first startup out of his Duke University dorm room: Hannon Hill, a Cascade content management system (CMS). Because of a professor’s belief in him and his product, David received his company’s first investment, $20,000. Just like that, David was a founder – and he hasn’t stopped since.

Hear what David has to say:

  • How to Bootstrap Without Taking MoneyIn this Fireside Chat, David will explain why he chose not to take venture dollars when building his companies and the key missteps to avoid if you want to do the same

The Serial Entrepreneur

Atlanta Ventures and Atlanta Tech Village are only two of David’s many founder-focused projects. David is one of the region’s most important investors and knows firsthand what firms look for in the startups they back, from hunger and ambition, to having the right idea at the right time, to having a plan for sustained, not short-lived, success.

David’s Companies

  • Atlanta Ventures – Founder
  • Atlanta Tech Village – Founder
  • Pardot LLC – Founder/CEO
  • SalesLoft – Investor, Co-founder
  • Rigor, LLC – Investor, Co-founder
  • Hannon Hill Corporation – Founder/CEO
  • Terminus Software – Investor, Co-founder
  • Dragon Army – Investor, Co-founder
  • Calendly – Investor
  • And many others that he invests in and supports through Atlanta Ventures.

Fun Fact
David’s an avid blogger who regularly shares best practices and advice for entrepreneurs, investors and SaaS providers. For eight years, David wrote a blog post every day in hopes of increasing entrepreneurial activity across the region (Hypepotamus). His dedication to growing the Southeast’s startup ecosystem, not just companies connected to his own endeavors, makes him a natural fit for 36|86.


Hear more from David and other trailblazers at 36|86!

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