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Backstage at 36|86: Abe Minkara

You’ve probably heard of the hit ABC show Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs from across America pitch their businesses to a panel of seasoned, known investors, hoping to strike a deal that will give their company the capital and market support they need to make it big. And you’ve probably heard of Mark Cuban, an American businessman and investor, owner of NBA team the Dallas Mavericks, and one of the main “sharks” on the Emmy Award-winning series.

What happens after Mark agrees to invest in a Shark Tank founder? Enter Abe Minkara, the man behind the curtain who serves as Director of Business Development at Mark Cuban Companies.

He’s charged with developing Cuban’s investments that come out of the show, as well as managing the portfolio – not a small task considering Cuban has invested more than $19.9 million in 85 companies throughout 111 episodes (Dallas Observer).

Abe is the driving force behind the team of experts at Mark Cuban Companies who give startups the direction they need to grow their businesses. And his experience working with so many founders has helped him fine-tune growth tactics that work. At 36|86, he’ll share go-to-market strategies and business development tips to grow your startup.

Let Abe help you move your business forward at 36|86:

  • Go to Market Right the First TimeAbe will share go-to-market strategies that Mark Cuban portfolio companies use to nail their launches, in a candid discussion moderated by Dorm Room Fund’s Rei Wang  

Fun Fact
An experienced entrepreneur himself, Abe has an eye for market opportunities. Before joining Mark Cuban Companies, he spotted a gap in the $100 million niche male hair care market and started Bold for Men, the first grooming product specifically for head-shavers like him. Through this success, he made a name for himself in the startup world that would take him to even greater places.

The next great place Abe is headed is 36|86 Entrepreneurship Festival! Get your pass today to hear from Abe and the rest of our dynamic speakers and panelists.

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