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Scholarships Available for Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Training Program

By Gradi Ellis at Nashville Entrepreneur Center

Here’s how to tap into PreFlight at NEC and launch your business idea. Hurry — scholarships close May 3

Think about it: If you’re in Nashville, where can you get access to an in-person, step-by-step course that offers everything you need to know about starting and running your business? If you’re ready to turn your idea into a business, PreFlight is the most efficient way to do it. You’ll learn exactly how to start a business in just 12 weeks.

What is it?

PreFlight is a 14-week program to empower early-stage entrepreneurs to build, evaluate and optimize their startup concepts. Attendees get weekly interactive classes on the entrepreneurial process, constant access to related online learning materials and access to the EC advisor network.

Who is it for?

Attendees are often first-time entrepreneurs who are working to develop and vet a concept in its “idea-stage”. As a member of PreFlight, you will work closely with your cohort to test and validate your idea, ensuring the business you exit PreFlight with is as strong as possible.

“Without PreFlight I would not have been able to access such condensed and pinpointed information on starting a business in such a short amount of time.”

-Ayumi Bennett, Founder of Startup Southerner and PreFlight graduate


“I got absolute clarity about my company’s direction in PreFlight and learned how to distinguish how we add value to the market. If you want to build a foundation for your company that will help you advance with clarity and momentum, you must go through PreFlight! Thank me later!”

-Bill McCleskey, Founder of Mitech Partners and PreFlight graduate


“Being in an environment with mentors and peers as you are trying to validate your ideas is invaluable.

-David Latimer, Founder of New Frontier Tiny Homes and PreFlight graduate

What does it cost and what do I get for the price tag?

Financial assistance is available to cover tuition plus a year-long membership to Nashville EC, which includes:

  • access to a community of founders just like you
  • coworking space open weekdays 8a to 5p
  • free coffee (!!) and printing
  • access to networking events

Scholarships are available for female, veteran, minority, student or social impact entrepreneurs.
Apply by May 3 for a chance to win your scholarship.


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