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Why Nashville, Why Now

Written by Heath Butler, Managing Partner of Gestalt Growth Advisors

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. You put your financial future on the line for a venture that – let’s be honest – is more likely to fail than succeed. Overnight, you become the new kid on the block, the small guy or gal, the underdog.

As an HR Service provider, Insperity is dedicated to helping businesses succeed by taking care of the things that could distract entrepreneurs from the bigger picture.  They do this by helping to control expenses, minimize risk exposure and maximize opportunities for revenue generation. It’s because of Insperity’s humble beginnings that they believe so heartily in the resilience of the entrepreneur. And amongst all the cities with that resilience, Nashville consistently stands out as a leader for its innovation and ingenuity in building a flourishing business community.

For the past few years, Nashville has quietly crept up in rankings on virtually every notable list of thriving economies, startup communities and future technology hubs, making it a great city to work, live and play. It was ranked second in the U.S. for job growth in 2016, and the Kauffman Report put it at fifth in the nation for startup growth. Thousands of people move to Nashville every month. This explosion in residency has sparked an increase in real estate, with developers building mixed-use residential and retail buildings.

Insperity saw this coming. The company opened a Nashville office back in 2011 to support entrepreneurs on their growth journey. Insperity is committed to long-term investment in the people who are defying the odds and making huge sacrifices to create a better future for themselves, their families and the greater Nashville community.

Nashville’s entrepreneurial expansion directly aligns with Insperity’s core values. Insperity believes when businesses succeed, communities prosper. From software and product development companies to accounting firms and healthcare providers, every new business is an opportunity to infuse energy into the market and expand the local economy.

Building a company is hard work – Insperity exists to absorb some of the load from entrepreneurs, freeing up bandwidth for them to focus on what they do best and helping them to gain leverage in their business model.   Through a unique approach to human resources and business performance solutions, Insperity bridges the gap when it comes to being an employer – whether it be the compliance, the complexity or the cost.

Nashville has always been a tourist destination for its bustling music scene and its reputation as a great host for large conventions. Now, with its top talent, growing industries, strong incubators and government support, it’s become the go-to destination for businesses. Insperity is in the city for the long haul because we believe Nashville is worth the investment.

Heath Butler is the Managing Partner of Gestalt Growth Advisors, a boutique management consulting firm providing business strategy, growth acceleration and corporate development advice to venture capital portfolio companies and select high-growth businesses. Heath is a senior executive with 15+ years’ experience as a transformational leader with proven ability to define a vision, execute strategy and deliver accelerated business impact. He is a serial entrepreneur, investor and mentor/advisor to early-stage companies in Houston, New Orleans and Los Angeles.  Heath is also a former corporate executive with Insperity and recently became a mentor at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

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