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7 Videos To Inspire Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs looking for a place to start their businesses are often told their choice is binary: New York or California. At Launch Tennessee, we’re determined to break that assumption. We are proud to announce an inspiring video series featuring national business leaders and entrepreneurs discussing the thriving startup scene in Tennessee.

You’ll hear from an impressive mix of investors, executives, and founders as they highlight unique aspects of Tennessee that make it a great place to start a business – from talent to culture to infrastructure.

  1. Steve Case, Co-Founder of AOL, explains why you don’t need to be in San Francisco or New York to start a business and how starting a business outside of one of the “hot-spots,” may be beneficial to your startup.
  2. Chris Heivly, Serial Founder and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Techstars, talks about the awareness that LaunchTN builds throughout the state about the possibilities of entrepreneurship.
  3. Ross Baird, CEO and Co-Founder of  Village Capital, explains why his company loves to invest in Tennessee startups, and how LaunchTN helps connect his company with those budding businesses.
  4. Senator Bill Frist, MD, discusses the pioneering attitude in Tennessee, and how LaunchTN helps to provide resources for healthcare technology entrepreneurs.
  5. Dana Kilian, VP of People at Eventbrite, shares how Eventbrite fell in love with Tennessee and why businesses should consider moving here.
  6. Kristina Montague, Managing Partner of The JumpFund, discusses how the state supports female founders.
  7. Andrew Yang, CEO and Founder of Venture for America, shares how the optimistic and honest spirit in Tennessee helps young entrepreneurs develop stronger businesses.

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Take it a step further and be a part of Launch Tennessee’s mission to make entrepreneurship thrive in the Southeast – not just the coasts – at the fifth annual 36|86 Entrepreneurship & Technology Conference, June 4-7, in Nashville, TN.

Written by Anas Saba

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