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Knoxville-Based Tech Startup Adapts Online Dating to the Apartment Industry

Knoxville, Tennessee – September 28, 2016 – The Williams Company, LLC, publicly released the revolutionary patent-pending online real estate marketplace Rentailor.com this month. This innovative website allows renters to submit their information, needs and want for landlords to bid for their business in a live, online rental marketplace.

“It’s a lot like online dating for rentals,” said Rentailor Co-founder and Operations Manager, Caitrin Williams. “Both sides, renter and landlord, tell us about themselves and what they’re looking for in a property or renter, and Rentailor matches them. No matter what baggage a renter brings to the table, like credit history, Rentailor will match them with an apartment community willing to work with them.”

Likewise, renters with good credit and rental history will receive competitive offers from communities near them. With Rentailor, landlords bid for the business of prospective renters and seal the deal with risk-free online reservations.

More than 20 multifamily apartment and townhome communities encompassing around 4,000 individual units joined Rentailor’s Knoxville, Tennessee, marketplace to offer Rent That Fits™ to their future residents and over 200 registered renters on the site.

For a one-time fee of $24.99, anybody 18 years and older can complete the Tailor My Rent application to see their personalized offers through Rentailor. The site is free to anyone who wants to browse available rentals in the area and call, text, email or schedule property visits through the interactive platform.

Rentailor also eliminates the need to submit a new application to every property or landlord the shopper is interested in renting. Instead, renters submit one application through Rentailor, and the website generates instant prequalified and personalized offers according to each landlord’s qualification criteria.

Rentailor’s creators, Steve and Caitrin Williams, a father-daughter duo, built the marketplace from their own personal and professional needs.

“My family has been in the real estate and rental industry for a long time, but it wasn’t until I entered the renter market myself in 2013 that I realized how outdated the industry really is,” said Caitrin Williams.

“I sat on my frustration for a while, until finally realizing the way landlords advertise to renters is not the way that renters, like myself, want to find them. I looked for a service that would enable landlords to choose the right renters online and found that one didn’t exist. So we made it,” she said.

Steve Williams, co-founder of Rentailor and president of The Williams Company, LLC, a property management company that owns and manages 538 rental units in Knoxville, Tennessee, sees the need for a platform like Rentailor from the other side of the table – that of the property owner and landlord.

“Rentailor is the first tool that allows landlords the opportunity to make offers to prospective tenants while they search for a new apartment or rental, and offers renters the opportunity to make a reservation just like you might do for a vacation home or hotel. Rentailor is the next generation in leasing and property management,” he said.

Rentailor is live at www.rentailor.com and is actively matching renters with properties in Knoxville, Tennessee.

To start a rental application online and receive multiple offers from apartment and townhome communities in East Tennessee, visit www.rentailor.com and create an account today. One application on Rentailor provides dozens of offers and opportunities to reserve an apartment, townhome or rental house.

For more information on how Rentailor can save time and money for landlords, property owners and real estate investors, visit join.rentailor.com or contact Rentailor at 865-224-3700 or info@rentailor.com.

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