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The TENN Participants Dig Into Learning Days

Although they were plenty busy before, the startups chosen for the TENN Master Accelerator last October have quickly learned just how much more they can pack into already-full schedules.

These nine startups were chosen from successful graduates of accelerator cohorts between Sept. 1, 2013, and Aug. 31, 2014. With help from UBS, our 2014 Title Sponsor, LaunchTN is now working with these up and coming companies to:

  • Ensure that the foundation for a successful company is built
  • Drive the creation of a sales and business pipeline for these companies
  • Put them in front of key stakeholders across Tennessee and around the country for maximum exposure

Most recently, the TENN companies met with marketing, public relations and sales mentors over a two-day period in Nashville. This was our third Learning Days session, where we bring in key experts in a particular field and then let them school the TENN class on their industry. By session’s end, these young businesses not only had a stronger sense of what they need to do in order to market and sell a product, they’d gotten plenty of one-on-one time to hone in on their particular needs, such as event or trade-show marketing.

This was our third Learning Days event, following ones that covered technology, as well as finance and legal issues earlier in the fall. The last one, currently set for early January, will address leveraging human capital, as well as culture.

Setting mission-critical goals

As a part of their work with LaunchTN, members of the TENN also are implementing the Rockefeller Habits, a daily and ongoing method of prioritizing goals so that both short- and long-term achievements can be measured, marked and completed.

At LaunchTN, we know these entrepreneurs have what seems like a million things going on, and even more on their to-do lists. Rock Habits helps them when it comes to focused execution of mission-critical goals. We step in during a weekly huddle call to make sure that things are on track, so that we can be of service to them as well when it comes to prioritizing goals and moving them along.

Following first-year successes

This is the second class of the TENN, and they have some work to do in order to achieve the same levels of success that the inaugural class has achieved to date. Those accomplishments include:

  • Survature has raised nearly $700,000 from SwiftWing Ventures in Chattanooga
  • Vendor Registry has signed a significant contract with a major global corporation.
  • Gun.io continues to perform well with top-line revenue.

Our first-year companies benefited greatly from Learning Days, but also from meeting other entrepreneurs and financial backers around Tennessee and on both coasts. The new group in the TENN has already received great value from this year’s slate of Learning Day experts. The reach & expertise of these experts is extremely impactful and to date, many introductions have already been facilitated because of them. The TENN will also hit the road soon as well, with a statewide roadshow the last week of January, and then roadshows to California and New York during February.

Between the mentoring work, Rock Habits and the roadshows, these entrepreneurs become well grounded not only in how best to run their companies, but also how to operate in the larger business world when it comes to everything from writing press releases to securing second-round funding.

Along the way, they make valuable connections throughout Tennessee, the Southeast and on both coasts, so they can build on those networks when the TENN program concludes in late March. It’s our hope at LaunchTN that these companies, and the ones who will follow them in future TENN classes, will greatly benefit from the tailored and quality exposure, networking and making capital connections.



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