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Welcome to LaunchTN

Welcome to LaunchTN

Welcome to the new Launch Tennessee website! We hope you enjoy learning about all the incredible things happening around entrepreneurship in this state. Our team at Launch Tennessee is committed to making TN the best place in the southeast for entrepreneurs to start and grow a business. We are very fortunate to have alignment throughout our Board of Directors, our partners/sponsors, and the current administration – from Governor Haslam to ECD Commissioner and our board chair Bill Hagerty – on our vision to transform this state’s entrepreneurial landscape.

In the same way we push the nine accelerators to be the “front door” for entrepreneurs in their respective regions, we hope that this website becomes your front door for the entrepreneurial happenings across our great state. We intend for it to be an updated repository of events, programs, new initiatives and success stories highlighting Tennessee’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

First and foremost, we want to serve the entrepreneurs across the state. Our goal is that entrepreneurs will use our site to:

  • Discover events and activities happening in their region or across the state
  • Connect with the appropriate accelerator, whether that’s based on geographic location or sector focus (e.g. if you’re a med device company, talk to Zeroto510 leaders in Memphis)
  • Learn about the investment funds across the state (as well as other out-of-state investors who have participated in our INCITE fund) – who they are, at what stage do they invest in companies and to what types of industries do they commit their capital
  • See how Launch Tennessee’s grant writing services can help them access federal funds available under the Small Business Innovation Research program
  • Find resources – blogs, tips, books – that can help them accelerate their path to success

While we always start with the entrepreneur, we also hope that investors, mentors, media and others across the state, region and country will find this website extremely valuable as they seek to plug into or learn more about what’s happening across the state.

As Brad Feld points out in his book Startup Communities (you can find a link in our entrepreneurship / startup resources), to build a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem, the entrepreneurs must lead. The rest of us – government and educational institutions, investors, mentors, sponsors, etc – are “feeders”. It’s crucial that we all participate in the process, but let the entrepreneurs lead. We hope this website shows our commitment to being an integral supporter for Tennessee entrepreneurs and their continued success. Thank you for joining us in this exciting journey!

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