KEC Code Camp for Young Animators

In this exciting camp, we’ll play around with programming by writing code to tell stories using stick figures and then learn a simple way to animate them. The activities are designed for you to get started quickly and learn as you go. You’ll learn the basic concepts that are common to … read more

Memphis Demo Day 2016

Start C0. & ZeroTo510 partner again to showcase startups from each of their summer accelerator programs. Eighteen new companies from one vibrant city. August 11, 2o16 Halloran Centre, 203 s. Main St. About Start Co.  Never stop starting. Building a startup into a business takes a lot of things. Capital. … read more

The Works Demo Day 2016

The Works is an intensive 12-week accelerator for early stage startups. We’re excited that our startup companies have come through tracks in two industry verticals: content and code. September 20, 2016 Location TBA About The Knoxville Entrepreneur Center Knoxville Entrepreneur Center is a business accelerator located in Market Square that … read more

GIGTANK Demo Day 2016

Twelve startup teams from across the Eastern U.S. have made Chattanooga home to launch applications and business models that could thrive on gigabit networks. As the latest members of GIGTANK, these entrepreneurs have spent the last three months working with corporate partners, industry experts, investors and established business leaders to … read more