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5 Reasons Tennessee is a Startup-Friendly State

Here at Launch Tennessee, we are honored to contribute to the energy around the entrepreneurial movement in the state, which has been growing exponentially each year. Given that Launch Tennessee just celebrated its fifth anniversary, I thought now would be a good time to talk about how far the state … read more

Accelerator Network Continues to Ramp Up Programming

In the innovation world, differentiators are everything. What sets you apart is what creates your success in a crowded marketplace. When Launch Tennessee hosted its 36|86 conference last month, we were able to show off Tennessee entrepreneurs and the remarkable range of products and services they are creating. That base … read more

Job Well Done: A Thanks to LaunchTN Staff

LaunchTN staff pulls off record-breaking 36|86 conference

by Charlie Brock, CEO, Launch Tennessee It’s been a little over a week since Launch Tennessee’s 36|86 conference ended, and the accolades are still pouring in. Attendees included investors, start-ups, inventors, mentors, service providers, government leaders and community supporters … in short, the whole gamut needed for a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem. … read more

Lessons from LaunchTN’s The TENN Learning Days

How to get better? Learn from the best. Sounds simple, but many entrepreneurs and startup companies don’t know how to connect with, and learn from, industry experts in order to improve their operations. At LaunchTN we know how vital that information exchange can be, and that’s why we produce a … read more

Launch Tennessee Enhances The TENN Program for Second Cohort

The TENN is our five-month master accelerator program designed to give additional support to some of the top graduates of Tennessee’s regional accelerator network. We have incorporated some changes and improvements in our second cohort of the program, which kicked off in October, based on feed back from last year’s … read more

Tennessee Aims to Increase the Number of Women in Technology

Less than 10 percent of venture-backed startups today are run by women, which is obviously something we’d like to change. And the problem isn’t only affecting startups – only 14 percent of chief information officers at major corporations in the technology industry today are women. This number has remained static … read more

Tennessee’s Life Science Industry Continues to Grow

By Charlie Brock

Many of Tennessee’s successful industries fall under the blanket of “life sciences,” a fast-growing sector in the state. The life science industry spans many markets and includes companies in the fields like medical device, pharmaceuticals, research, bio-agriculture and bio-logistics. Life Science Tennessee, a statewide nonprofit, leads the charge to support … read more

Tennessee Startups Seeing Success After Demo Day

By Charlie Brock | @cebrock

We previously wrote about the demo days that took place across Tennessee a few weeks ago, and now we’re happy to report the progress many graduates have made since then. Nashville: Three graduates of Jumpstart Foundry have already attracted investor interest. Spotwise secured an investment from Premier Parking after a … read more

Demo Days Are Happening Across Tennessee

Demo Days Are Happening Across Tennessee  By Charlie Brock One of the best ways to experience the energy and excitement of Tennessee’s vibrant entrepreneurial scene is to attend the demo days that wrap up our state’s accelerator programs. On demo day, when startup founders make their pitches to potential investors, … read more

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