(Pre)Memphis Demo Day Interviews with 3 ZeroTo510 Companies

Guest Post by Clark Buckner




Startup: LineGard Med




Spencer Jones is the founder and CEO of LineGard Med, a startup whose patented device gives hospitals & patients valuable protection for any type of IV access site. Spencer told us how important connections were for his business.

“I often tell entrepreneurs about organic collisions, whether it be at a networking event, or a startup mixer, those organic collisions are so important and that is what really brought me to the ZeroTo510 accelerator.” Spencer Jones on Twitter: @Spinkalink


Startup: GlucosAlarm




We were able to sit down with Glucos Alarm, a startup who is currently going through the Memphis ZeroTo510 accelerator. Co-Founder couple Carlos and Nancy Guerra gave us a quick overview of their business built for people with diabetes.

“Our company creates a device that is placed inside toilets to monitor sugar levels in urine. We are in Memphis for the ZeroTo510 accelerator to find the quickest way to commercialize this device.” Nancy Guerra

Co-Founder and CEO Carlos Guerra told us why their device is useful for Glucos Alarm’s target market.

“Seniors stay at home so they can use the same restroom several times a day, this way they can monitor how each of their meals affects their glucose levels.”  @Carlos_Bernal


Startup: SweetbioTech




Brother and sister team Kayla and Isaac Rodriguez started Sweet Bio, a medical company specializing in guided tissue regeneration.  Sweet Bio was accepted into two startup accelerator, Kayla spoke to us about choosing the right accelerator for their business.

“Probably the hardest decision we had to make was deciding do we stay in venture capital Silicon Valley, or do we go to Memphis where we know as a biotech company we will thrive and learn?” She continued, “It became very clear that Memphis, Tennessee was the right place for us.” – Kayla Rodriguez.


Interviews conducted by Clark Buckner. More content like this on the Nashville Entrepreneurship Story Podcast.


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